Fair FAQS and Fairgoer Code of Conduct

This page includes the questions we most frequently hear from fairgoers.

Should I bring a pet?
While there are animals at the fair it's not a good place for your pet. Only service dogs are allowed as per NYS regulations. All other animals will be asked to leave. 

Can I smoke/vape, or consumer alcohol?
Sorry, no. This is for the consideration of other fairgoers and making sure we continue to have a safe and family friendly atmosphere.

Why can't I ride all the rides?
Rides have height restrictions for your safety. Adults may not be allowed to ride with children on some rides for this reason. Before buying your tickets you can check the height guidelines at the ticket booth. Remember, you can be too big as well as too small for a ride!

Is there an ATM?
You will find an ATM on the Midway as well as near the fair office.

I don't see my question here!

Call us at 585-798-4265 or email. 

Last updated May 16, 2022