Apple IPM

Apples are a significant component of fruit production in Orleans County. A variety of resources are available to assist with Integrated Pest Management of apples. 

Apple IPM for Beginners

A guide for new apple growers to protect apple orchards from pests, in fact sheet format.

This series of fact sheets (PDFs) will help you address the major apple pests, but does not guarantee perfect fruit. These fact sheets and scouting guides are a compromise between the most accurate, complex information researchers have to offer and the beginner’s level of experience.

Read the first four chapters carefully to start this new venture. Then follow the Scouting Calendar as apple stage of growth advances week-by-week. To order a full color printed copy, click here.

Cornell Fruit – Tree Fruit IPM Website
This website contains links to the most current guidelines; info for ordering NRAES books; and resources on insects & mites, diseases, weeds & ground covers, wildlife, biological controls & beneficial insects, organic IPM, spray technology, pesticides, and more!

Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home
Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home

New England Apple Growers Battle Pests with IPM
This three-part video series can be viewed via YouTube at the Northeastern IPM Center’s page: The first of the three videos is provided below.

Last updated November 20, 2023