4-H Project Records

4-H Project Records are completed by 4-Hers to demonstrate what they have learned through participating in a 4-H. They are due by September 15 of each 4-H year. The format for Project Records is flexible. The Project Record documents listed here can be modified if needed to suit the unique needs of the 4-Her to best communicate what he or she has learned throughout the year. Orleans County also allows 4-Hers to use Project Record templates from other counties or states. The best project records provide detailed information so that another person can understand what was done during the year. Often they include pictures or other items to share information about the project. 4-H leaders and staff members are great resources for project record ideas. Please ask someone if you have questions about how to create a Project Record that can go on to become a Project Record Champion!

Our 4-H staff is in the process of uploading Project Record templates. Please contact a staff member if your area of interest is not listed below.

What Makes a Project Champion  

New 4-H Market Animal Project Record

Non-Owned Project Record 

Fashion Revue Senior 
Food & Nutrition 
Junior Food & Nutrition 
Senior Food & Nutrition 
Horticulture Project 
Indoor Gardening Project Record book 
Sewing Project Junior 
Sewing Project Senior 
Public Speaking Project Record 
Drawing-Painting Project Record 
Food Preservation 

Dairy Cattle Project Record

Beef Heifer Project Record
Beef Market Steer Project Record

Cat Project Record – Advanced
Cat Project Record – Beginner

First Year Record – Meat Goat 
Junior Record – Meat Goat 
Companion Goat Project Record – Advanced 
Goat Market Kid 
Goat Meat Doe Kid
Goat Meat Doe 
Harness Goat Project Record – Beginner 
Pack Goat Project Record – Beginner

Horse – Advanced
Horse – Beginner
Horse – Intermediate 

Llama Project Record

Poultry – Advanced
Poultry – Beginner

Rabbit Project Record
Cavy Record
Cavy Record

Sheep Project Record 
Dog Project Record 
Swine Project Record 

Universal Project Record Cover Sheet 

Cloverbud Project Record


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Executive Director / Orleans County 4-H Fair
585-798-4265 ext. 130

Last updated March 29, 2021