Woodlots can produce many benefits for the landowner.


Protect your woodlots from firewood pests.

Woodlot Management

Catskill Forest Association offers a newsletter and pamphlets on its website on topics including: "10 Stewardship Suggestions for Forest Landowners", "Firewood Management", "Forest Succession", Improve your Woodlot by Cutting Firewood," "When a Logger Knocks", "Roads & Trails", "Tax Issues" , and more.

Developing a Woodlot Stewardship Management Plan by Peter J. Smallidge, State Extension Forester, Cornell University, covers considerations when preparing a plan to manage your woodlot.

"Enhancing the Stewardship of Your Forest" is an 89-page publication from the Cornell University Dept. of Natural Resources, that can be downloaded in its entirety (PDF, 280mb) or as individual chapters, and covers the context for forest stewardship, sustainable forestry, working with foresters and loggers, timber harvesting, thinning your woodlot, practices to avoid, and more

Improve your Woodlot by Cutting Firewood, by the US Forest Service covers thinning hardwood stands, selecting crop trees, and the harvesting operation.

Forest Management on the NC State University Extension Forestry website covers topics of: when to consult a professional forester, forest & woodlot planning and management.

Forest/Woodlot Management by the University of Illinois Extension includes useful links to Extension publications on firewood production and wildlife habitat improvement.

Managing Small Woodlots, by James C. Finley, Lynn F. Kime and Jayson K. Harper of the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, will help you understand how forests grow, steps to planning for their management, and how to sell and market trees.

Producing Firewood from your Woodlot, NC State Cooperative Extension Service.

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Last updated December 23, 2021