Site Plan

Site plan for building the best better.

Building the CCE AgTech Community Response Center

Working towards building a fairgrounds for the future and a campus that truly meets the needs of our community. 

Making the best better the 4-H motto has been the approach of keeping our fairgrounds a vital facility that our community can be proud of being one of the best. This means keeping what we have today, and building for our future. Among these projects we have identified needs for improvements to wastewater handling for the entire grounds which will require the installation of new septic. Without this our aging water systems are unable to be upgraded. If you have waited in line for the restroom at fair, you are well aware of the need! We also aim to update and improve the aging bathrooms and shower facilities which have not seen renovations since the early 90's and no longer meet the needs of the grounds.

Making our best better also means spaces for learning including the goal of a building space that can house hands on learning in the form of STEAM projects, precision agriculture, and 4-H Robotics. 2020 has demonstrated other community needs that this building can support, throughout the pandemic the fairgrounds was the site of drive through food distributions, job fairs, rabies clinics, and rapid covid testing. All of these events put those working at the whim of the weather. This structure would provide an all season space that could meet these needs or any other urgent needs as they arise.

We're appreciative always of the support and participation from our community and are excited to share these hopes and dreams for building your fairgrounds better.

AgTech Community Response Center Plan

Septic and Water System Plans


Robert Batt
Executive Director / Orleans County 4-H Fair
585-798-4265 ext. 130

Last updated April 15, 2021