Orleans County 4-H Fair Book

For information including the fair schedule, entertainment, becoming a vendor and attending the fair visit the fair site at orleans4-hfair.com.

Below you will find the complete 2016 Orleans County 4-H Fair Book. Please call or email the 4-H Office if you need help with forms, entry information, help making sure you are in the correct classes, or have any other fair exhibitor questions. The Fair Book is an excellent resource to generate ideas for entries! You may be surprised by how many things you already do (like taking pictures and writing papers for school) and may be able to be use these projects as fair entries that might even be selected to go to state fair.

1 About fair
2 Advance Entry Forms (excluding horse, see below)
3 T-shirt Order Form
3.5 Horse T-shirt Order Form
4 Trolley Entry Form
5 Trolley Building Exhibits General info
6 Animal and Market Auction General Info
7 Camping Contract

9 DEPARTMENT 2 – Dairy
10 DEPARTMENT 3 – Dairy Goat
11 DEPARTMENT 4 – Meat Goat
12 DEPARTMENT 5 – Llama
13 DEPARTMENT 6 – Sheep
14 DEPARTMENT 7 – Swine
15 DEPARTMENT 8 – Poultry
16 DEPARTMENT 9 – Rabbits

17 DEPARTMENT 10 – Horse 2017
Horse ownership form (complete regardless of owner of animal)
18 Horse Entry: Cloverbuds 2017
19 Horse Entry: Walk Trot 2017
20 Horse Entry: Novice 2017
21 Horse Entry: Junior 2017
22 Horse Entry: Senior 2017
23 Pony Entry 2017
24 DEPARTMENT 11 – Dog  
25 DEPARTMENT 12 – Cat

Family and Consumer Sciences (aka Trolley Building and youth leader sections) below:
Trolley Entry Tag File

Department 13 Section A Personality Development and Leadership
Department 13 Section B Special Unique Exhibits
Department 13 Section C Communications and Expressive Art
Department 13 Section DA Food and Nutrition
Department 13 Section DB Fine Arts and Fine Crafts
Department 13 Section DC Hobby Crafts and Home Environment
Department 13 Section DD Wearable Art
Department 13 Section DE Textile and Clothing
Department 13 Section DF Child Development
Department 13 Section E Visual Arts _Photography
Department 13 Section F Horticulture
Department 13 Section G Environmental Education
Department 13 Section H Plant Pathology
Department 13 Section I Entomology
Department 13 Section JA STEM Wood Science
Department 13 Section JB STEM Electrical Science
Department 13 Section JC STEM Engineering
Department 13 Section JD STEM Geospatial Science
Department 13 Section JE STEM Renewable and Sustainable Energy
Department 13 Section JF STEM Science Experiments and Exhibits
Department 14 Group Exhibits
Department 15 Cloverbud Family and Consumer Sciences

New York State Animal Health Requirements for fairs:
2016 Fair Animal Health Requirements: http://www.agriculture.ny.gov/ai/Exhibitor_Prefair_Guidelines.pdf
Exhibitor Prefair Guidelines: http://www.agriculture.ny.gov/AI/Exhibitor_Prefair_Guidelines.pdf
Cattle and Swine Identification: Clarification from State Vet on New Identification Requirements

If you have questions about exhibiting, please contact the 4-H office by phone at 585-798-4265 or email at orleans4h@cornell.edu.


Robert Batt
Executive Director / Orleans County 4-H Fair
585-798-4265 ext. 32

Last updated July 18, 2017